GOOD – Yanni responded promptly & Kai was on time too. Everything was GOOD

Mr Nassir

Very good & patient advice. Especially Yanni, I asked so many questions, she gave very good advices to me till I understand. Good knowledge.

Ms Chelvi

Yuan/Hong provided very good service.

Mrs Yik

Bin & Hua provided good customer service, well manner technicians.

Florence Loh

Excellent Customer Service.


Technicians Desmond & Jimmy very knowledgeable and friendly.

Mr Zaid

Keong & Qing Keep up the good work.

Mr Darren

Being a user of the Fujitsu Plastream, I dare to say that it has never failed to make me happy. Having suffered sinus every morning, the filter system in the Plastream eliminated that irritating problem I had. It helped in making the air in my room cleaner and fresher. It makes my sleep at night a very pleasant one. The air flow is also quite powerful. It cools my room in a very short time.

The appearance of the Plastream model is also very impressive. I like the fact that it is sleek and modern. The slight pearl white finishing gives it a very fresh look. I have never regretted installing the Fujitsu Plastream. If ever I need to change my aircon, it will definitely be a Fujitsu!

Mr. Richmond Sim

A quick word of thanks for the great service that your experienced and knowledgeable staff provided us with our air-conditioning needs. It is very rare today to find such a committed and helpful company who is genuinely interested in their customer’s real needs and requirements before and after their purchase and not just in making a quick sale.

It feels good knowing my family will be getting a good night sleep in our hot and humid weather. I will be recommending your company and using you again in future for my air conditioning needs. Money well spent, worth every penny!

Mr. Kenneth Low

Fujitsu air conditioner has one of the best functioning state of the art technology that I have ever come across since aircon was first invented. The peace that its able to give throughout the night has scored distinction across all brands mainly attributed to the intelligent system incorporated in Fujitsu Inverter!

Overall, I give it 5 stars for better savings in electricity bill and purier air exchange within the closed environment. Best of all, you witness lesser dirt particles accumulating inside the diffuser.

Mr. K. K. Ong

The aircon is quiet but powerful. At first when I turned on, I thought the aircon not operating as I could hardly hear anything, but it was a pleasant surprise to feel the cool air starting to envelope my room. The one that I purchased is the Plastream model which allow me to select ‘clean air’ mode. At first I was quite skeptical about it. But after a few nights of sleep, I realised that my sinus problem is reduced. I am really delighted by the decision to install Fujitsu. I would recommend this highly to anyone who is looking for good and reliable aircon.

Mr. Lendry Lee

With Fujitsu air conditioners high cooling capacity, I am able to enjoy cool air almost instantly. Operating at a quite mode, my family and me are now able to sleep in comfort without having to worry on the noise level high efficiency air conditioners might bring.

Ms. How Wai Mun

Fujitsu air conditioners posses high cooling capacity that enables the entire room to be cooled faster. Though operation at a highly efficient rate, its energy consumption is low thus enables me to save much costs on electricity bills. Its quiet operating mode has also provided much comfort for and my family. I am glad to have chosen Fujitsu air conditioners as my preferred choice of air conditioners.

Mr. David Abdul Karim