Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fancoil Unit (FCU)/ Indoor Units?

An indoor unit is also known as Fan Coil Unit (FCU) or evaporator unit. It is installed inside your premise such as bedroom, living room, etc. to produce cold air.

What is Condeneser Unit (CU)/ outdoor Unit?

An outdoor unit is also known as Condenser Unit (CU). It is usually installed outside of your house or building on the aircon ledge to discharge hot air.

What is Compressor?

Compressor is one of the parts inside the Condenser Unit/ Outdoor. It increases the pressure of the gaseous refrigerant in the air conditioning system.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

An inverter air conditioner uses an inverter circuit to regulate the rotational speed of the compressor to match the output of the compressor to the cooling load required. This reduces the number of times the compressor stops and starts as the load varies, so saving on electricity bills and reducing noise levels compared to non-inverter models.

Why the Indoor Fancoil Unit (FCU) is emitting bad odour (Smell).

The FCU unit does not produce odour by itself. Generally, the surrounding smell of the room, furniture, food or cigarettes is absorbed into the fan coil unit and discharged together with the air flow. Please contact qualified serviceman to service your air conditioner in the event that air conditioner produce foul odour.

Why is the Room not Cold or taking longer time to cool?

There are a number of possible causes to this aircon not cold situation. We have listed some of the common causes:

Reason 1: The Air Filter dirty. (Tip: Clean the Air Filter)

Reason 2: The Indoor Fancoil is dirty, Cross Flow Fan is clod with dust. Thus, cool air is being blocked, therefore cannot be blown out.

Reason 3: Object blocking the air inlet/ outlet of the indoor/ outdoor units.

Reason 4: Remote Control is not in the cooling mode. (Tip: Set to Cool Mode)

Reason 5: Aircon temperature is set too high. (Tip: recommended human comfort temperature 22°C ~ 24°C)

Reason 6: Windows and doors are opened.

Reason 7: Airflow direction is not appropriately set.

Reason 8: The outdoor Condenser is dirty resulting in incapable of rejecting heat and cooling the refrigerant.

Reason 9: There might be some problem with the airconditioning system resulting in non-continuous operation of the aircon system.

Parts may be faulty.

Reason 10: Insufficient refrigerant gas

Reason 11: The air conditioner installed is undersized.

Please contact qualified service technician to attend to your air conditioner.

Why the Aircon Unit is noisy?

Noise is normally generated from

1) Vibration noise resulted from dirty indoor fancoil/ outdoor condenser.

2) Airflow noise. The cross fan blower & cooling coil may have accumulated too much dirts.

3) loose mounting of component in the airconditioning system

4) Faulty parts in the air conditioning system.

5) Mounting plate not properly install. Fan Motor bearing wear off. Tip: It is recommended to carry out general servicing. Servicing will help to prolong the lifespan of the aircon parts to being wear off.

Why is the Indoor FCU (fancoil unit) water leaking?

An air conditioner will have condensate as humid air comes into contact with the cold surfaces of the indoor fan coil. The condensed water will be discharged through a drainage pipe to the nearest outlet (usually in the toilet). The Fancoil unit will start leaking water when the drainage pipe is clogged/ choked with dirts or algae. Tip: General aircon servicing should involve the vacuuming or the drainage pipe to prevent or clear chokeage. For more info of our service, please contact our service department at 6747 2220.

Why does water drip from the Condenser (Outdoor Units)?

It is normal for water to drip from the condenser as condensation takes places when the warm humid air contacts the cold the piping of the condenser.

(Tip: Very rare complaint, however if downstairs neighbor complaint water dripping on to their CU, addition precaution may be needed, it is recommended drainage kit (come with the air-conditioner) to be installed to prevent water dripping to your neighbor’s outdoor units. Please contact your aircon installer.)

Can I set the fancoil louver flap at a fixed (fully open) position?

The Fancoil is designed with 6 positions, for position 4/5/6, The louver will only stay at that position for a period of 20 mins. After 20 mins, the louver will automatically return to position 3 again. The purpose of this is to prevent condensation at the louver (Dew preventation). For more detail, please click here #

Do not place any electrical appliance below the air conditioner?

It is not advisable to place an electrical appliance below the aircon unit.

(a) Moisture in the aircon may condense and drip on the electrical appliance of the indoor unit.

(b) Condensation may form at the piping connections during cooling operation at the outdoor unit

How offen should the airconditioner be serviced?

It is recommended to have the air conditioner serviced on a regular basis by a qualified technician to maintain optimum performance and cooling efficiency as well as maintaining the life span of the air conditioner. It is recommended to perform a quarterly servicing (if unit is used daily). (Tip: If user do not do any servicing of the aircon. The life span of the air conditioner will be shortened as it has to work much harder, cooling coil and rotor will be clogged, water leaking may occur. It will reduce the performance and cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. It will increase the rate of deterioration of various components, eg, pipe sensor/thermistor, bearing, etc)

How much does Winfinity charge for General Service of Fan Coil units

Winfinity charges $70 for the first fan coil unit with an additional unit at $40 each (exclusive prevailing GST and is applicable only to fancoil with less than 18,000 btu). Charges will be different during promotion periods. For more details, please contact our Service Department 6747 2220.

Does Winfinity (S’pore) Pte Ltd provide maintenance contract to residential, commercial and industrial buildings?

Yes. We provide maintenance contract to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. For more details, please contact our Service Centre at 6747 2220.

What is the standard warranty period for new aircon

– One year Agent warranty (for all parts & labour for repair. Excluding servicing)

– Five year warranty for the sealed Compressor parts only. Exclude labour, materials & refrigerant.

*After one year warranty period, all cost (labour, transportation, parts & etc) will be borne by owner.

What is the average life span of a residential air conditioner?

Generally, the average life span of any air conditioner is six to seven years. This is subjected to environment, usage pattern and regular servicing of the air conditioner by qualified air conditioner technicians.